Buy & Sell Service

We buy your products and sell them across North America.

As your trusted North American importer of record, we provide a seamless solution for businesses looking to focus on sales in the domestic market while simultaneously expanding their revenue overseas.

We are your gateway to expanding into new markets. 

With our Buy & Sell model, you can confidently explore international markets without the burden of navigating complex import processes

 We take on the responsibility of being your importer of record, streamlining the importation procedures and ensuring compliance with regulations. By partnering with Global Appetite, you can focus on what you do best – creating exceptional products – while we handle the rest.

Shipment Tracking
Sales Experienced Team
Increase your Revenue

Maximizing Distribution Channels

Global Appetite can take title to goods, as our experienced sales team works closely with the best-equipped distributor partners to bring your products to market across North America efficiently and effectively.

Shipment Tracking

In the event of a product quality issue, our tracking system enables quick response, regardless of scope​.

Customer Service

We provide full customer service by including our 1-800# on your product, should it be required.

Empower your brand for global growth with our Buy & Sell model today!

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